A Bug in Nettuno’s Colatura?

Colatura with a Bug

When a dear customer told us there was a bug in the colatura, we couldn’t believe it. A bug? He said, not a problem, I don’t have a problem with the bug, I just wanted to tell you, dear Gustiamo. (BTW, I’m always amazed at how lovely and understanding our customers are.) But we wanted to see the bug and he was nice enough to send the bottle of Colatura back to the Bronx. Yes, there is a bug, perfectly conserved, in this amber salty liquid. Can you see it?

I immediately called Giulio Nettuno. He said it happens. Rarely (in fact, it is our first time, after 13 years of importing their Colatura), but it happens. When we bottle the Colatura, Giulio said, bugs are attracted by the strong smell and go for it. He was very nonchalant about it. So are we. If it happens to you, do not worry. It’s just an indication that the product is handmade. Things happen!

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  1. This is definitely a testament to the authenticity of the product! Also, I think the bug is onto something – the sauce sounds absolutely delicious. 🙂

    1. Ciao Francesca!

      Si, la colatura is in fact one of the most authentic and ancient Italian products. It’s also incredibly delicious (I’m sure probably even with a bug in it)! Did you know that in Ancient Rome it was called garum and was incredibly valued, much more than it is today? Read more about it here! https://www.gustiamo.com/gustiblog/colatura-romans-fraction-original-price/

      I’m curious if you had you heard about colatura before reading this article?


      1. Ciao Eddie,

        I had never heard of colatura before this article! I grew up with my mother and grandmother’s recipes from Toscana, so I love learning about unfamiliar dishes from southern Italy. Also, after having Bigoli con Le Sarde while in Venezia, I’m obsessed with fish-based pasta sauces!

        Thanks for including the article explaining the history of colatura and garum. I am definitely adding this ingredient to my must-try list!

        Grazie mille,

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