Colatura, Lidia’s Magic Ingredient!!!

6a00e55029641d883401538e94063c970b-800wi Last Saturday, Lidia Bastianich told the Wall Street Journal that Colatura is her magic ingredient for the Summer! We are so excited!!! This is what she said:

“Every summer, I reach for Colatura di Alici, an ingredient that’s been used in Italy for centuries. It’s the juice that drains out of anchovies salted in a barrel. It has the effect of umami and it brings out flavor in everything you do.

Colatura I love it on tomatoes instead of salt with olive oil. I also use it in sauces, just to accent. When I do a roast lamb or chicken, at the end I just drizzle a little Colatura on it and brush it on.”

We are so happy America is discovering our very own Italian umami! At Gustiamo, Colatura from Cetara by Nettuno has always been our ace up the sleeve when we want to add a flavor shot to ANYTHING. Don’t miss the buzz, Colatura will become your pantry’s new little black dress.

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  1. My mom is an avid fan of Colaura too. We use it in our italian dishes and it makes them flavorful.

  2. Grazie Theresa! Great to hear your family uses Colatura. Which is your favorite dish with Colatura?

  3. You can use colatura in almost everything. I like it best of all on meats and vegetables. What a difference!

  4. Love to hear from a Colatura fan, Jim! Grazie.

  5. I bought Colatura a couple of years ago and found one ot the bottles while looking through my cupboard the other day. I’m into the ancient Romans, their wines and foods and since this ingredient is the closest thing to Garum, the fish sauce beloved by those ancient people, I thought I’d get a couple of bottles. Although a bit pricy, I decided to try this product. It’s great mixed with olive oil, vinegar and some garlic powder to make Caesar salad. Wow! This hit the spot. I definitely will be buying more of this product. One nice thing, since it’s somewhat concentrated, a little goes along way. I’m afraid it will become habit forming. Maybe the producer can bottle it in larger bottles. A neat idea for gifts, bottle it in a small amphora shaped bottle, a harking back to its early beginnings! Salute!

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