Ciccio Sultano’s guide to Sicily: Pianogrillo Farm

Do you know Ciccio Sultano? He is one of the best chefs in Italy. What does he have to say about Lorenzo Piccione, maker of Pianogrillo EVOO? Sultano says, that Lorenzo “is a revolutionary farmer.” 

We agree.

Chef Sultano is an expert of all things Sicilian. He is a native of Sicily and his restaurant, Duomo, in Ragusa, is one of the best in the world.

Chef Sultano talks about Pianogrillo EVOO in his guide to Sicily on Great Italian Chefs. The article’s author, Pete Dreyer says: “Pianogrillo is worth a visit just to see the manor house alone – it sits on the hill, hemmed in by cypresses and olive groves – but there’s plenty more to see at Lorenzo Piccione’s farm. Those olive groves for example, go towards Lorenzo’s  olive oil.”

Bravo Lorenzo! We love your EVOO, tomato sauce and concentrate.