Tondo Oil from Tonda Iblea

Tanti auguri to Lorenzo who started to harvest his olives on October 10th. He initially said Oct 1, in this video, but had to postpone because of the heavy rains, in Sicily. He also said the olives had not reached the “invaiatura” stage, or “veraison”, or, in simple English, they were not ready. I just talked to him and he confirmed what he said in the video below: this year Pianogrillo Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be even more exceptional. He said that, because of the rain in August, this year’s olive oil will also be particularly sweet and “ROUND”, tondo. Tondo oil from Tonda Iblea olives. (Get it?) We can’t wait to taste it!

Silvio the Nebrodi pig
Silvio the Nebrodi Pig

We went to see Lorenzo in September on his estate, in Chiaramonte Gulfi, near Ragusa. What a beautiful place! We saw his Nebrodi Pig farm, composed of 1 boar named Silvio, 5 sows and some 100 little pigs that happily run wild on a fenced property, among the oak and olive trees.

We ate bread with salame and lard. Can’t tell you how good it was! To top it all, Lorenzo played the piano. I already mentioned Lorenzo is a pianist and a composer. Here’s the proof, Lorenzo playing his grand piano.  In his beautiful house, on the Pianogrillo estate. I was in heaven!

Grazie Lorenzo and good luck to you!

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