Chocolate Hazelnut Bliss

Here’s what happens when Marco Colzani takes his (and our!) trusted Terra delle Nocciole hazelnuts from Piemonte and elevates them with his bean-to bar chocolate pairing brilliance.

Drumroll, please! 2022/23 Colzani’s new creation is an oversize bar of dark gianduja wrapped around whole nocciole. Alta Langa hazelnuts meet Venezuela Merida single origin cacao, creating a rich texture with mellow notes of caramel. This chocolate is so smooth it softens as soon as you put it in your mouth.

But that’s not all. Every bite of this big, thick brick of cioccolato is chock full of toasted hazelnuts that crumble delicately with each mouthful. Nutty and creamy, silky with an extra crunch: this is pure gianduja bliss.