Carciofi means Artichokes

Cilento land of artichokes carciofini Maida

Gaze out at these majestic carciofi fields! They are the pride and glory of Maida farm in Cilento, Campania. Now in peak season, these stunning artichokes are being hand-harvested by the dynamite farmer duo Franco + Fabrizio Vastola and their team.

After the harvest, these local artichokes, also called Pascaioli because they bloom around Pasqua (Easter), are brought to the Maida lab and processed – you guessed it – entirely by hand.

They are trimmed to the cuore, the artichoke heart, splashed with lemon juice to keep their fabulous color, and finally blanched to reach that melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Maida artichokes come in 2 versions: Grigliati and Piccoli, both preserved in real, farmer-made extra virgin olive oil. With a unique smokey character, the former are halved, grilled, and seasoned with black pepper and parsley. The latter, sweet and delicate, are tiny whole hearts with an incredibly tender consistency and a pure artichoke flavor.

They make the BEST aperitivo platter addition, bruschetta topping, or quick sauce. Our favorite way to eat ’em? Definitely as a snack out of the jar.