Bottarga is Having a Moment

Have you ever searched #bottarga on Instagram? We highly recommend that you do. The results are numerous and ridiculously mouthwatering. Not to mention inspirational.

You can use Bottarga in so many ways. No recipes needed. Here are some of our favorites: basic fennel salad, risotto, last minute egg style, pizza, keeping it simple with Linguine, with artichokes.

Here’s what you need to know about whole Bottarga:

  • Whole Bottarga is a fish’s egg pouch after it has been dried and cured.
  • It lasts forever (well, practically) in your fridge.
  • You can make dozens of meals with just one Bottarga.
  • To prep it, just pull back the outer layer and grate or slice, ready to eat!
  • Mullet Bottarga from Sardegna has a delicate sea flavor and is best paired with this EVOO.
  • Tuna Bottarga from Sicily is more rare and has an intense umami taste, it’s best paired with this EVOO.

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