Beauty Food

I have been reading about food companies trying to market the food they sell as “Beauty Food” ie, foods that improve your looks, sold at Sephora instead of Costco. Food sold by Gustiamo in America, is the quintessential Beauty Food: it certainly is good for you and, most importantly, it makes you very very happy when you eat it.

Gustiamo's Warehouse
Gustiamo’s Warehouse

John Fusco, our landlord, came to the office, couldn’t believe his eyes and gasped “Where Do You Find These Beautiful Girls???” He often comments on our ability to attract not only smart but also beautiful women (and men). This is Kristy, a friend of Anne’s since they were children. She lives in Berlin, works in a PR firm, doesn’t cook but loves to eat. She has been visiting Anne for a week. See what a week long cure of Gustiamo good food can do to people?

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  1. Dear Beatrice, thanks again for your invitation last Thursday – the restaurant was great. It was really fun meeting you and good to see Anne’s working place. She already had told me so many good things about you all. Say hallo to her from me please. Ciao Kristy

  2. Ciao Kristy.
    John stopped by, today. We showed him the post and was delighted.
    Lovely to meet you, too. come back soon.

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