Tinned Tuna for Christmas

Tinned tuna for Christmas? Hell yes! Conservificio Tre Torri’s artisanal tinned tuna is a worthy gift for any gastronome on your list. And NYmag’s The Strategist agrees, featuring Bluefin Tuna Ventresca from Sicily on their list of “49 Truly Surprising, Strange and Immensely Pleasing Gifts Under $200”.

“Mediterranean bluefin-tuna belly that can be eaten straight from the can with some lemon.”

The fattiest part of the fish, tuna belly is an exceptional indulgence. It’s creamy texture will melt it your mouth! Plus, you can enjoy this tuna knowing you are supporting a small artisanal producer. Conservificio Tre Torri processes their tuna by hand, using only sustainably sourced fish caught with traditional net and hook methods.

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