We have Castelvetrano Olives

Make space in your pantry, a new Gustiamo essential just arrived from Sicily: Castelvetrano olives! You’ve been pounding on our doors for these Italian icons. Sweet and fleshy, Castelvetrano are one of Italy’s most prized olives.

Our Castelvetrano are selected by our Sicilian olive expert, farmer Lorenzo of Pianogrillo. Every year he visits his fellow farmers in the town of Castelvetrano and picks the best olives. After the harvest, olives are processed on the Pianogrillo farm, following Lorenzo’s recipe.

The best snacking olive. Briny at first, with a buttery tang once you bite into the soft skin.
USE: their crisp and tender pulp makes them the number one choice for marinated olives. Or get a large glass and make your dirty martini dreams come true.

Preserved in no less than Pianogrillo EVOO, these are hand crushed, schiacciate in Italian. Seasoned with Sicilian herbs.
USE: in a salad, on top of a bruschetta, to upgrade your cheese plate. Also! The naturally infused EVOO makes a killer sauteeing oil.

A classic Sicilian sweet + sour marinade where the wild fennel aromas stand out. Lorenzo’s signature recipe is an explosion of herbs.
USE: hand pitted and coarsely chopped, they’re a flavor booster. Think: chicken alla cacciatora, Mediterranean pasta sauce, pizza.


We’ve put together a selection of savory delights that will make your aperitivo platter really shine. Open these, arrange nicely, impress your guests, thank us later! (Btw, this is a great gift for all your friends who don’t really cook.)