Why We Love Bosana

There’s no other olive that expresses the identity of Sardegna better than the Bosana olive.

Bosana olives are a Sarda icon. Native to the island, they are the purest expression of Sardegna’s rural landscape. Bosana olives are also extraordinarily rich in polyphenols. In fact, there is no other olive as rich in polyphenols as the Bosana olive.

Antichi Uliveti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a monocultivar, it’s made with 100% of these powerful Bosana olives. This oil has a distinctive grassy aroma and a fruity flavor with notes of apple. This year’s oil is particularly fresh with hints of wild herbs, like cardoon; its medium bitterness and spiciness are in complete harmony.

Gustiamo Sardegna Bosana Olives Antichi Uliveti EVOO

Check out the Gusti Team in the photo above, this was our last trip to Italy (before quarantine) when we had the pleasure of visiting the Pinna farm in Sardegna. The Pinna family cultivates Bosana olives in Sassari and they have been milling Antichi Uliveti EVOO for more than a hundred years.

Antichi Uliveti Sardegna olive oil GustiamoGood, clean, and fair:the new harvest of Antichi Uliveti del Prato extra virgin olive oil was awarded the Slow Food Presidium prize.

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