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Mezzi canneroni are a marvelously thick and meaty pasta shape, typical of the Campania region. The name comes from the Italian word "canna", which means stick and refers to their short tube shape. Mezzi canneroni are great for soups or baked pasta dishes and they pair particularly well with earthy recipes like meat ragout and pasta e fagioli.

Crafted in Gragnano, this is real Italian pasta at its best. When cooked, this pasta fills the room with the intense aroma of freshly baked bread and toasted grain. Its slightly rough, porous texture is ideal for collecting sauces, and its consistency is firm and chewy - just be sure to cook it al dente! Pasta Faella is made from nothing but the highest quality semola and pristine spring waters from the Lattari Mountains. The pasta is extruded through traditional bronze dies created specifically for each shape, and is air dried naturally for at least two days - unlike industrial pasta that is dried in less than an hour at high temperatures in electric ovens. Pasta Faella, instead, is a classic artisanal pasta that is easily digested and gives a great sense of satiety.

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