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This gift is the ultimate, the very best, the no ifs, and, or buts, the MOST FANTASTIC gift available in the USA to make someone's Italian food dreams come true. Gustiamo Signature Gift Basket embodies Italy's Best Foods. It is an epic way to celebrate any holiday with someone truly special who is passionate about Italy and loves good food. This basket will take its recipient on a tour of the Boot. From North to South, it is a glorious explosion of the most iconic Italian ingredients that will bring joy and happiness from breakfast to dinner.  
Our beautiful wooden gift crates are re-purposed produce boxes; we get them used from one of the oldest produce markets in The Bronx. We like to think of them as "outer-borough" chic.
All Gustiamo gifts have the option of including a gift card at checkout. If unavailable, foods in this gift basket will be replaced with similar ingredients of the same or higher value.

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Are you part of a company who has 10 or more gifts to send? The Gustiamo [not so] Corporate Gift Program is the answer.