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With a delicious sweetness and rich umami flavor, Terra Amore e Fantasia Pomodori Pelati are peeled and canned only in their own juices, but you’ll notice bright notes of natural basil flavor that make these an exceptional pantry staple. Use them for pasta sauces, soups, on homemade pizza, as an alternative to wine in meat stews, and in any dish you want to brighten with a bold infusion of southern Italian flavor.

Terra Amore e Fantasia get their name from a popular Italian film, and evoke a time when things were, at least in the kitchen, more simple and pure. They come from an ancient variety local to Puglia; challenging to grow and with a naturally low yield, these tomatoes were slowly disappearing from the fields until our producer Sabatino Abagnale committed to preserving their excellent flavor for future generations. These tomatoes are harvested by hand each August when they are perfectly ripe and fleshy.