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Made from 100% arabica beans from Guatemala, Giamaica Decaf is the perfect everyday coffee. Its full-bodied texture and persistent flavor linger in the mouth with a slightly acidic finish, leaving behind sweet herbal notes. Giamaica aims for perfection in every stage of production, and the ultimate expression of quality is the perfect espresso. This Central American coffee blend is a masterpiece perfected by Simone, who learned the art of roasting from his father, Gianni Frasi, a legend in the coffee world.
For their decaf coffee, Giamaica utilizes the method that least alters the beans, decaffeinating them while still green and then roasting them. The acids evaporate during the roasting process and do not weaken the coffee, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the highest quality arabica coffee. The selected beans are shipped green to Verona, where they undergo an additional analysis to ensure they contain no traces of chemical agents. The beans are then delicately roasted over an open flame using Giovanni Erbisti’s original roasting machine Vittoria from the 1950s. This is the only roasting machine from the postwar period still in use today. Because no part of the process is automated, each batch is always gently roasted to perfection, preserving the delicate aromas of each unique blend. 
Whole coffee beans should never be vacuum sealed because this extracts the essential oils from the coffee. Plus, the beans must be freshly ground for each serving to get the perfect espresso. 
Simone roasts each batch of coffee to order so that the product reaches the customer as fresh as possible. This attentive and traditional process distinguishes Giamaica from large-scale coffee roasters, who produce as much coffee in two hours as Giamaica in a year. 
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