New Italian Coffee that’s Fire

Fermi tutti! Gustiamo has just started importing a new coffee. 2021 is going to be a damn good year, in part because it will be fueled by Giamaica Coffee from Verona. Just ask any Italian in the know and they will tell you that this coffee roaster is a legend in the coffee world. Our young friend Simone, following in the footsteps of his father Gianni Frasi, is revolutionizing coffee by going back in time. The result is an enormously important roast of coffee that is the most authentic representation of the Italian coffee tradition.

Every bag of Giamaica Coffee is the expression of deep Italian coffee culture, from steadfastly sourcing outstanding beans to deftly roasting with long-cultivated artisanship and skill. Attenzione: at Torrefazione Giamaica, roasting involves direct fire!

Meet the Vittoria coffee roaster, an iconic machine from the 1950s that is still in full working order at the Giamaica coffee roastery. This is the only machine of this kind still in use today. The special thing about this machine is that it roasts coffee over an open flame. That’s how Giamaica Coffee gets its unique bold flavor, brown and smoky just to the point.

These precious yellow bags contain Giamaica’s Eastern African blend. Start sipping it and you’ll immediately taste that unmistakable Italian-roasted coffee aroma, with notes of licorice, a full body with a long lasting finish, and an imperceptible acidity.

We also have Decaffeinated Giamaica Coffee, that’s the blend in the brown bags. For his decaf blend, Simone chose coffee beans from the Indian region Karnataka. This coffee variety is known for its particularly sweet flavor with herbal notes and a gently tart finish.

*Melitta method is another name for Filter Coffee. It takes its name from Melitta Blentz, a German woman who invented the process of using paper filters to brew coffee.