Wild Fish from Sicilia

It’s sustainable, it’s crafted with artisanal methods, it’s a Sicilian flavor gem. Please meet our bellissima new line of preserved fish, made by those talented fellas of the Testa family in Catania.

Introducing Sgombro (aka mackerel) and Sugarello (aka horse mackerel) fillets, wild-caught by the Testa family in the waters around the Aeolian Islands.

The Testas are fishermen, before anything else. For more than 200 years (two centuries!), they have been mastering the art of catching the best fish the Mediterranean Sea has to offer.

“Once upon a time, after a day spent fishing, you would go home and light the coal, patiently clean the fish from its bones and eat it with a drizzle of oil. Today, no one seems to have the time to cook healthy, nutritious things from our sea: so we wanted to bring to the table a good product, all Sicilian, processed just enough to make the preparation faster, but without resorting to industrial ingredients.”
– Captain Pippo Testa
Preserved in organic Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, there’s nothing you can’t do with Testa’s Sgombro and Sugarello. From the most classic pasta sauce, to bruschetta and aperitivo platters, to fish polpette and dumpling filling… we just had a royal salad crafted by maestro Corrado Assenza and the juicy, delicate fish fillets took our tastebuds to the coast of Sicily.
For generations, the Testa family have dedicated their lives to the sea, il Mediterraneo. “At our core, we are committed to preserving our precious sea. Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us – it’s a way of life.” 

Read more about responsible fishing practices and take a look at Testa’s charming boats Atlante and Futura Prima.