The Queen of Hazelnuts

Piemontese Hazelnuts. Their aroma is unmistakable and their sweet nutty flavor is intoxicating. Piemonte’s unique Alta Langa Hazelnut holds the title of QUEEN of the Hazelnuts.

These hazelnuts have changed the food world. The gianduja dessert and the entire Italian hazelnut/chocolate tradition was invented to highlight these inspiring hazelnuts that grow on a small piece of land in Piemonte.

Our friend Ari from Zingerman’s recently called these hazelnuts “the essence of excellence,” a hazelnut with “exceptional grace, strength, and a singular presence.”

So, what does it take for a hazelnut to get from ordinary to royal?

The perfect terroir + the most unique hazelnut variety

The Alta Langa micro area of Piemonte is the kingdom of Nocciole. Perched between the world famous vineyards of Le Langhe and the breezy gulf of Liguria, the hilly town of Cravanzana is where Alta Langa Hazelnuts have been cultivated since the 1800s.

Care + dedication to tradition

Marco, Marco, and Giorgio are the trio of farmers who make our hazelnut dreams come true. Their motto is: you never pick hazelnuts from the tree, you gather them from the ground. That’s right, Alta Langa Hazelnuts fall from the tree when they’re at peak ripeness.

After harvesting, they are removed from their shells and then lightly roasted. That final simple roasting is key to unlocking all the heavenly aromas. Truly, we have never tasted hazelnuts like these.

Did you know that Gustiamo sells Zibibbo raisins? Hailing from the dreamy island of Pantelleria, they are plump, perfectly sundried, and have a satisfying crunch of edible seeds.

Mixed with our hazelnuts, they’re our #1 favorite snack. Pantelleria meets Piemonte snacking bliss.