We Put the Mac in Mac’ and Cheese

Zingerman’s Mac + Cheese is all Maccheroni Martelli!

We just got back from Ann Arbor, Michigan. In this pic, above, we’re checking off a major bucket list item, hanging out on the Zingerman’s Deli bench.

That guy to left is Filippo, the producer of our amazing flour and pasta. Stay tuned for more about our bread making adventures. For now, we want to talk about Mac’ + Cheese.

One of the golden moments of our trip was introducing Filippo, who is from rural Sicily, to American cuisine, you must see this photo.

We love Zing food culture because they never cut corners. Just like Gusti 😉

The Zing Mac’ + Cheese is very likely the best in the USA. The Roadhouse dedicates a whole section of their menu to Mac’ + Cheese.

So which pasta do they use for their Mac’ + Cheeses? 100% Maccheroni Martelli!

No one in the world makes a better Maccheroni than the Martelli family.

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