This Springtime Colomba is Pure Joy

Spring is almost here, Easter is on April 12th, and we have Biasetto Colomba.

Colomba is the most traditional Italian Easter cake, a classic symbol of peace and rebirth. It’s the joyful centerpiece of every Italian table during spring.

In these trying times more than ever, Pastry Chef Luigi Biasetto wants his Colomba to bring a message of hope: Colomba on the table is a sign of conviviality in good times, as much as of solidarity and unity in challenging ones. It’s a reminder that we are in this together, and together we will come out of it, stronger than before.

Aroma. Open the box and you are immediately greeted by an aroma-cloud full of intense citrus, warm vanilla, and rich butter.

Mouthfeel. Imagine the texture of cotton candy, but in cake form, and without that throbbing sweetness. The superb texture is created by Chef Luigi’s attention to detail and his everlasting commitment to his lievito madre (sourdough starter).

Stellar ingredients. That sourdough starter is 90 years old! And it is the only yeast that goes in Colomba. Chef Biasetto also uses the very best ingredients including fresh butter, real eggs, organic honey, house-made candied oranges, natural vanilla pods, and a flour that actually tastes like wheat.

P.S. Grazie mille to all the people who have been reaching out to check in on us and our foodmakers/colleagues in Italy. Grazie mille to all the people relying on us for food delivery to their homes. We are proud to be serving thousands of people in the USA during this staggering crisis.