Warehouse Break-in Festa di San Giuseppe Dinner

love danielle and linda

We love our warehouse. And more than anything else, we like to eat, drink, and be merry in our warehouse. Last night we did just that. We invited 10 of our best friends and partied. It was awesome. No one gave a damn that the temperature was freezing. There was plenty of wine to keep us warm.

Let us fill you in on a little back story, it starts in Sicily (as most good things do). Gustiamo’s Danielle and Linda, The Cheeky Chef, met in Sicily at Case Vecchie with the fantastic Fabrizia Lanza. It was friend-love at first sight. Danielle and Linda spent many nights gallivanting around Palermo, brainstorming the bad-ass food stuff they wanted to do back in NYC.

Years later, they are both back in the grande mela (the big apple) and together they organized a pop-up dinner in our beloved warehouse. The dinner was in honor of La Festa di San Giuseppe, Salvatore from Palermo Street Food set us up with Sicilian wine pairings. Everything served was with Gusti ingredients, all cooked by the extraordinary Cheeky Chef Linda with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (she even fried the Sfinci in EVOO). It was bonkers.

Click here to see Andrew Warman’s fabulous photographs from the dinner.

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