Gustiamo, Judith Klinger and Vook, a Food Revolution!!!

Cooking Simply Do you know what Vook is? I had no idea (and no particular interest in learning), until our friend Judith Klinger told us she was publishing a Vook app about cooking Italian. She wanted to involve Gustiamo, purveyor of Italy’s Best Foods.

If we are involved in anything, we need to know exactly what we are getting ourselves into! I was in the dark until I read this article in the NYTimes from which I learned that Vook is a combination of video and text (V for video and OOK for book – got it?), mostly used for “How To” programs. The writer of the article mainly uses Vooks for his home sessions of Pilates. When, on the floor, with his iPhone next to him, he can read the explanation of why he is doing a certain movement and what is happening to the muscles involved, and, at the same time, without changing the program, on the same page, he can also watch a video of the best Pilates instructor doing the same exercise. How brilliant!

Fast forward, Cooking Simply: the Italian Way was published last week!!! It’s a Vook app available for iPad, iPod & iPhone. Soon, it will be available as an eBook, too.

vook If you, like me, do not own an Apple device, you can go directly to the Vook website and read and watch how Judith cooks simply, the Italian way!

What is Gustiamo’s involvement in all this? Gustiamo prepared a Vook Starter Basket for Judith’s Vook revolution, which allows you to buy all you need to cook wonderful and easy Italian meals with a single click of the mouse. Another revolution! Grazie, Judith and good luck with your project!!!