Victor Hazan on His Sports Jacket

This post was written by Victor Hazan and originally published on Facebook.

What does a thirty-year old sports jacket have to do with love immortal? Actually not very much except for thoughts coinciding. Thoughts can be like balls set up on a billiard table and knocked apart, clacking unpredictably against each other before rolling separate ways. A few decades ago I was drawn irresistibly to a beautiful sports jacket in a hounds tooth cashmere coming from the Neapolitan workshop of a master tailor, Kiton. It wasn’t really my size, I had lost weight and it hung loosely on me. I had an opportunity to wear it again during unusually frigid days in Florida and it fit me better than it ever had before. It came to mind recently in speaking to a friend about failed marriages. She was divorced and opined that people sometimes outgrow their love. I remarked that it could also happen the other way around. When Marcella and I fell in love, our love seemed larger than we could handle, it drove us mad, it was immense until, with time, we grew into it. When we became old, the last undistracted days we spent with each other had become a perfect fit. Victor.

December 21, 2014 · Longboat Key, FL
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