Vegetable Adventures around Naples

unnamedWe were just in Campania. Did you follow our adventures? Pizza Napoletanabuffalo paradiseanchovy everything in Cetara; just to name a few highlights. The whole trip was one inspirational visit after another.

Our proudest moment was celebrating 14 years of importing from Maida Farm. Here‘s the pic of Beatrice and Francesco. They are old friends with a shared mission of bringing good Italian vegetables, olives, and tomatoes to the USA.

So, how do we use ’em? To make a killer antipasto spread. Just open these jars, add fresh bread, perhaps some wine. Buonissimo! AND they will redefine your homemade sandwich. We ate the best panino of our entire lives with Francesco, here‘s the pic, it was made with Friarielli and it was mind blowing. Back in NYC, artichokes on a bagel with lox, revolutionary.

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