Valentine’s Day Turns Green


Preparing for Valentine’s Day? Let Grub Street’ Chris Crowley tell you. Gustiamo’s got your back!

Our Pistachio Spread from chocolatier Marco Colzani was featured on Grub Street’s awesome list: “18 Valentine’s Day Sweets That Are Way Better Than Those Heart-Shaped Chocolate You Always Get.”

We couldn’t agree more. This pistachio spread is the perfect sweet treat for that Valentine’s-cynic, gourmand in your life.

As Grub Street says: “This Sicilian spread tastes like concentrated cream of pistachio, doctored up with just olive oil, cane sugar, and a little bit of salt…. it’s so good there’s no way it’ll survive the night.”

So true! Many of our friends have been known to eat this spread straight, with a spoon! Marco Colzani, how did you do it? This pistachio spread makes us fall in love every time.

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