Totally Honored. Busiate Pasta in the NYTimes.

It’s true, we have been talking A LOT about Busiate Tumminia Pasta lately, and now we have all the more reason!

In the Front Burner section of the NY Times, Florence Fabricant says, “Now there’s tumminia [to come from the shadow of history to the dinner plate], from a tiny corner of Sicily. An heirloom wheat said to have originated in Greece, it produces a dark flour that has a slightly sweet hazelnut flavor. Tight, taupe-colored corkscrews of busiate pasta, made from stone-ground tumminia and semolina, convey the same flavor…”

These Busiate are wholesome, flavorful, and best of all, they are so fantastically versatile. Use them for anything from your go-to Sunday sauce to, our personal favorite, Pesto Trapanese.



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