The Best of 2014: Luigi Manias Corbezzolo Honey

Dissapore is definitely one of our favorite Italian food blogs. They write about all the best food makers in Italy and, as you might expect, are constantly mentioning our producers.

Dissapore just came out with their 2014 best list, entitled The Best of 2014: 30 incredible things we ate this year. In the top 10 was Luigi Manias‘s Corbezzolo honey:

“Corbezzolo honey, rare, extremely rare: only flowering for 3 months out of the year on the south side of Gennargentu in Sardegna. It’s unforgettable because it’s remarkably bitter, with aromas of smokiness and coffee. And Licu Manias, what a character! His honey is so good because he talks to the bees.”

Luigi, your love and dedication makes this Corbezzolo Honey all the more special.

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