Colomba on Tasting Table


Colomba on tasting table


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They will keep you informed about the most interesting dining trends, essential new ingredients and websites and the latest food luminaries around the country, including Casimiro, who just told Tasting Table that the best cake for Easter is Gustiamo’s Colomba. Tasting Table listened and yesterday’s newsletter featured Colomba Pasquale. In the words of TT: “… Made at Milan’s 185-year-old Antica Pasticicceria Marchesi, the cake is painstakingly crafted from a dough made with natural yeast and hop leaves, which is then blended with fresh Italian butter and candied Sicilian oranges. The dough is baked in the shape of a dove (or some approximation of a dove) and topped with crunchy sugar and almonds before being rushed to Bronx-based importer Gustiamo..” Read more.

Grazie a tutti e Buona Pasqua e Passover!