Summer Dreaming – Fresh from Genova – Pesto Genovese Rossi

Longing for summer and its bounty of herbs & basil? We are here to help! Actually, even if you make your own pesto, no offense, Pesto Rossi is always better. It’s made with delicate basil grown in Pra (the area outside Genova where Pesto was invented) and garlic from Vessalico (a garlic so delicate, even garlic naysayers love it). So, unfortunately, unless you live in Genova, you will never be able to replicate Pesto Rossi at home. But you can buy it here.

Real, fresh, delicious Pesto Genovese Rossi just flew in. Let me repeat: This Pesto is fresh; it needs to be kept refrigerated.
Our Pesto is proudly made by Roberto Panizza, aka the King of Pesto, who would get very offended if you dare to compare his pesto to the industrial or ordinary pesto you might find on the shelves of stores. Pesto Genovese Rossi is your best partner in the kitchen…