Sirk Vinegar on Striscia la Notizia

Popular Italian TV show, Striscia la Notizia Paesi e Paesaggi, travels to La Subida, 60 km from Trieste in the beautiful region of Friuli.

Read this description, watch the video below (yes, it is in Italian), and then stock up on Sirk Grape Vinegar.

This video is fantastic! It points out how it takes 120 minutes to make industrial vinegar vs. 1,567,000 minutes to make Sirk Vinegar. Incredible!

The video tells the story of Josko Sirk, a man obsessed with one idea: vinegar. Today, in commercial vinegar production, it takes about 2 hours to make vinegar from wine. Josko Sirk does it in 3 years. His vinegar is truly unique because it is made from grapes, NOT wine.

This is how Josko makes his vinegar: after the vendemmia (the grape harvest), Josko puts his 100% Ribolla Gialla grapes (yes! with skins on) into oak vats. For 10 days the grapes are continuously mixed. After the sugars become alcohol, the barrels remain for 1 year, and then the vinegar is ready. BUT it is still too young for Josko’s standards. He says that good vinegar needs to be aged, like wine. Therefore, his vinegar ages in oak barrels, for at least 2 more years.