Luigi Manias IGTV Debut

Instagram TV couldn’t have launched at a better time. Our friend Dan Toffey (who, actually, also works at Instagram) just visited Luigi Manias in Ales, Sardegna. While harvesting Cardo honey, Dan published this video on IGTV.

Luigi (with no beekeeper suit), Maria Francesca (with a yellow beekeeper suit) and Dan (with a white beekeeper suit) all worked together to collect the honey. As you can see, Luigi, in his normal “I’m the boss” fashion, wouldn’t let Dan wear gloves and instructed him to brush the bees away using only a sprig of rosemary.

After Dan left Sardegna, we asked Luigi about his visit with Dan. Luigi, all jazzed up and excited about his new friend, went on for while about how Dan is such a “bravo ragazzo.” But then he said, “however I don’t think he should quit his desk job.”

Why not?

Luigi explained, “Dan kept trying to climb trees, like a kind of Tarzan, and that made me very nervous.”

Dan, we are so glad you enjoyed your time with Luigi, tree climbing and all. Thank you for this beautiful video.