Sicilian Tuna for Christmas

BIG news! We are launching a brand spanking new product and we are so excited.

Bluefin tuna is a tricky topic, so much so that we have spent four years (!!!) studying it. This is not any tuna, our new Sicilian Bluefin Tuna preserved in real Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is THE work of art crafted by our fishmonger homies, the Testa family.

🐟 The Testas catch their bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean with their own boat, the Atlante. Let us repeat: no middlemen here, the fish in the jar was caught by the Testas.
🐟 Once fished, they take their tuna to their small canning facility on the shores of Sicilia and preserve it in organic EVOO. Hand-sliced, hand-jarred, in small batches.
🐟 Each part of the tuna is used for different products: luxurious Ventresca, versatile Filetti, savory Buzzonaglia, and Bottarga.

beatrice ughi and tuccio testa

The Testas are our allies in the good food movement. They’re all about transparency and traceability. We’ve asked them our difficult questions, and they never failed to provide thorough answers. Here’s the Q&A we had with Tuccio Testa.

Tuccio explains how Testa Tuna is different from other conservas; why Sicilian EVOO in the jar makes all the difference; and what it feels like being on a fishing expedition with the whole family for one month every year. It’s a long interview, you can read it on the Gustiblog.



This is the most glorious example of sea-to-jar fish Italy has to offer. It tastes like no other tinned tuna we’ve ever had. Meaty and firm, never chalky. Velvety and rich, never pungent. It will revolutionize everything you think about canned tuna.

testa conserve bluefin tuna jars