Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting: Pianogrillo 2013/14

New harvest 2013-2014 Pianogrillo for Gustiamo and Friends has arrived! The olives were picked in Sicily in October 2013 and the oil arrived at the Gustiamo warehouse in The Bronx just after the new year!

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made with a blend of Sicilian Olives: Carolea, Moresca, Nocellara, Tonda, Iblea, and Verdesca. It is a wonderful multi-use EVOO, great for anything from salads, to meat, to frying.  So, how does this Pianogrillo for Gustiamo 2013/14 taste?

Balanced and smooth. Wonderfully buttery, without being heavy. Hints of green artichoke. Slightly bitter, finishing on the perfect spicy note, just the right amount without being overpowering.

This fantastic EVOO is available on our website, click here to get some.

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