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From master chocolatier Marco Colzani comes this truly next-level jam, made from blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, red currants, cassis black currants, harvested at the peak of ripeness in Terre Lariane, the area just south of Lake Como in Lombardy. This is the maximum expression of the distinctly Italian Frutti di Bosco flavor, the best version of a berry jam that we could have ever imagined. The texture is velvety thick and the flavor is bright, tart, and has the distinct sweetness of bush-ripened wild berries.

Spread it on warm bread and enjoy alongside your morning cappuccino for the perfect breakfast, or pair with fresh or aged cheeses like chèvre or pecorino for a stunning cheese plate. Italian pastry chefs love to use this jam to fill cookies, pastries, or crostate, classic jam-filled baked tarts. This extraordinary jam contains 75% fresh fruit, to which Marco adds just 25% Italian cane sugar produced by a cooperative in the Pianura Padana area of Emilia Romagna. In fact, the true flavors of the berries are not masked by sugary sweetness. Because the berries are harvested at the moment that the fruits’ natural fructose and pectin are in perfect balance, there is no need for other gelling agent - making this the closest thing possible to a northern Italian summer in a jar. 

Marco Colzani, originally trained as an enologist, is now applying all his knowledge of raw materials and agriculture into the science and art of transforming Italian fruit into jams. And just like a master winemaker, he follows his fruit with precision and care through every step of the process. The wild berries in this jam are chosen, picked, cleaned, and processed by hand; the jam is made between 24 and 48 hours from the moment of harvest to ensure maximum freshness. The process is done at low temperature and in complete vacuum, to maintain the aromas and natural colors of the fruit and to avoid oxidation. True to his wine-making roots, Marco stores his jams in a temperature-controlled cellar. On the label of each jar you’ll always find the variety of fruit and the  area of production -  just like on the finest wines - so you know you're getting a unique product.