Our Saffron in the New York Times

“In the Abruzzo region of Italy, harvesting the lucrative spice is a centuries-old tradition, infused with a deep-seated passion for the land and its history.”

We have been importing this saffron from the small village of Navelli, in the province of L’Aquila, since the very beginning of Gustiamo, twenty years ago.

Most chefs would agree, this is the most flavorful and prized saffron on earth. But that’s only part of the reason why this saffron is so special.

saffron from Navelli

When it comes to honest saffron making, the tradition and the people are just as important as the flavor. Spice makers like the Navelli Saffron Cooperative, feed people with a “deep connection to centuries-old traditions,” which is exactly what NYTimes photojournalist Susan Wright felt and captured while spending time with the Sarra “saffron” family in L’Aquila.

When you use Saffron from Navelli, you are applauding the painstaking work of these devoted crafters and the magical spice they create with their patient hands.

And yes, the flavor of this saffron will redefine what your taste buds know about the spice saffron. It’s that good.

The most iconic Italian saffron recipe is Risotto allo Zafferano, our favorite tweak features a balsamic final touch.

Saffron culture in Navelli is strong, here’s an old school video showing how it was done. This is still how it’s done today!