Gustiamo, Molto Batali’s Favorite Online Source

As the expression goes, Mario Batali put his foot in his mouth as his comment about bankers/Hitler/Stalin traveled the world. Of course, he took it back. Bravo. To me, the incident is over.

6a00e55029641d88340162fc6252fa970d-800wiHowever, when it comes to food, for us Mario is the King and his opinion is very important. For example, in his new book, “Molto Batali“,  the title is important; after Molto Mario, Mario here, Mario there, this new book is signed with Mario’s last name. It makes it more official, like his Opera Omnia. Everything he knows, the benefit of all those years of hard work, goes into this book, including his selection of Italian Food Sources. In the list, Mario writes: “MY FAVORITE (capital letters are mine) online source for all great things Italian.” “Molto Batali, simple family meals from my home to yours” is divided into the twelve months of the calendar year and offers recipes for meals meant for sharing and celebrating with family and friends. Bravo Mario! And Grazie Mille!


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  1. Great to know Mario endorses your great products, however it is even better to know that he was willing to put his neck out and tell it as it is. Perhaps references to Stalin & Hitler were excessive. Nevertheless, don’t you think the banking industry needs to begin a little reflection. Wouldn’t it have been better for the financial sector to acknowledge their wrong with some sense of shame rather than react with threats to withdraw patronage. That in itself seems a bit dictatorial. No?

  2. Mario’s on his way to being a plutocrat but when it comes to food, he’s still THE MAN. I wish he’d bring back “Mario Eats Italy”, his best TV show ever. We’re in Sicily for the winter so we won’t be needing anything from Gustiamo but when we’re back in the USA, they’re a lifesaver when we need something special from the best place in the world to be a cyclist…or just hungry!

  3. clarissa says:

    sadly you are right Larry about the Plutocrat statement. I hate to see it happen . I love him when it comes to all Italina, he is the best!

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