Licia Granello: Novello Olive Oil Means Nothing

The first olive oil from the new (still in progress) harvest is about to arrive to our warehouse. We can’t wait to taste it. We hear that in this country they call it NOVELLO. Novello of what? Wine can be NOVELLO because it is regulated by strict laws and it only lasts a short time. Past that, it spoils.

NOVELLO is an American invention. They even put “NOVELLO” stickers on the bottles to make sure you really get it. The quality olive oil producers are the first who disagree with this fad. NOVELLO olive oil does not exist. It’s all the same olive oil in the same bottle.

If you don’t believe me, this is what Licia Granello says about NOVELLO olive oil. The video is sideways, but what she thinks is very clear.

The more I think about it, I have a question:what happens to the bottles with the sticker NOVELLO that are not sold in the next couple of months? Is it not Novello any longer when the sticker is removed from each bottle?

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