Put a plate of risotto on the table and the room immediately fills with “special night” vibes. The best thing about making risotto is creating a sophisticated and fancy feeling without having to be a Michelin-starred chef.

You must have good ingredients, that’s the secret for achieving risotto perfection in 25 minutes.

The starchy grains of Gazzani Carnaroli absorb flavors like no other rice, without ever becoming overcooked. 24 month aged Vacche Rosse cheese adds a savory touch, while creating a silky texture that caresses your palate.

February risotto couldn’t feature anything other than stunning pink-burgundy leaves of Radicchio. This bitter vegetable isn’t just a showstopper for its romantic look: caramelize it with balsamic and you won’t believe the heavenly agrodolce result.

A luscious bouquet of aromas, an undeniably comforting feeling bite after bite, Risotto with Balsamic Radicchio is the ultimate star of Italian winter cooking. Get our recipe.


Have you been following our Instagram stories? We’ve been in Firenze to attend our favorite food show in Italy, Taste, and to celebrate a milestone: 25 years of Gustiamo! Now, we’ll be partying all year long, but we kicked things off with a hell of a Festa thanks to our amazing farmers + food makers and many of our friends.