Alessandro Cappelletti of La Valletta Farm from Colfiorito to NYC

Alessandro Cappelletti of La Valletta farm lives where he grows his grains and legumes: in Colfiorito, a village of 300 people on the hills of Umbria, near Foligno. He came to NYC, the other day and paid Gustiamo a visit. WOW, from Colfiorito to New York! He loved every minute of it, his enthusiasm was catching. He never stopped. Did he ever sleep? He is adorable in this video where he speaks English in our warehouse. Brilliant. In the video (click on the arrow, above), he tells us about his land and why it is so fertile and perfect to grow his farro, lentils, purgatory beans and cicerchie. Off the camera, Alessandro gave us the recipe his mother, mamma Adriana, uses to make the zuppa minestrone. Click here for the recipe and enjoy.

Grazie Alessandro, thank you for your visit and for your hard work!


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