Chef Antonio Mermolia

Antonio Mermolia is the Calabrese chef of our dreams. And we don’t say that because of how handsome he is. Chef Antonio is a wonderful guy, a true gentleman, and committed to cooking in the USA with real and authentic Italian ingredients. Naturally, Chef Antonio and Gustiamo are best friends. We recently had a fantastic and important dinner at Il Punto, and we hope to return as soon as possible.

We are so happy to see Chef Antonio in HuffPost Taste where they say that at Il Punto, he “has revamped the menu to show how endlessly creative a man of his talents can be while always respecting the regional distinctions of Italian cuisine… he puts his spin on more traditional dishes like crudi of red shrimp with white beans perfumed with lemon and capers from the island of Pantelleria.

Bravissimo Antonio! See you soon.