“Happy New Year and Good Luck!!” from Elana

Suitcases stuffed with Gustiamo bounty, it was time for me to return home to San Francisco; my short stay in New York City had come to an end. Now every time I savor the flavors of Italy, via the Bronx, I smile with sweet memories.

Yesterday I unwrapped packages of lentils and beans because I felt the overwhelming need for a soup to warm me up. A simple soak for 1 hour makes these legumes very convenient, and in no time I had my soup simmering! Tis the season for feeling the love of the soup. And making a big batch for the week is the best way to beat those moments  when I am too tired to cook!

As icing on the cake, I then discovered that lentils are eaten on New Year’s Day in Italy as good luck! Here’s to a very delicious, and fortunate, 2013!!