Question: Is there anything better than 101 ounces of freshly milled, green, peppery, farmer-made extra virgin olive oil from Umbria?

Answer: YES! 101 ounces of freshly milled, green, peppery extra virgin olive oil that yours truly Gustiteam + a squad of American friends personally harvested.

Last October we flew a group of chefs + restaurateurs to Umbria. We rolled up our sleeves and helped the Gaudenzi family harvest, mill, and bottle their award winning Quinta Luna EVOO. In Andrea Gaudenzi’s own words “there’s a part of Gustiamo in this oil.”

Olio nuovo aka new harvest EVOO embodies the prosperity of a successful season, and this year’s intense + bold Quinta Luna is indeed a liquid symbol of Mother Nature’s wealth. (How’s that for a New Year’s gift, amici?)

This is our annual Pop Up Sale: we have a very limited quantity of these 3 liter tins of Quinta Luna EVOO and they will be gone before we know it. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Our latest Umbria discovery is the marvelous + creamy fava bean. Belonging to a heirloom variety local to the village of Amelia, it is grown organically by the Alberti family on their farm in Poggio Aquilone. We fell in love with this legume when we tried it in the peasant dish par excellence: fava bean puree or macco di fava.

Drizzle abundandtly with new harvest Quinta Luna and you’re in Umbria food heaven.