Gustiamo Fancy Food Show June 29-July 1, 2014

How to get to our booth:

  • enter the Javits Center through the main entrance
  • head right and go down the short flight of stairs
  • walk all the way to then end and go into the north section
  • look up for hallway 5300
  • walk down until you reach the Gusti booth #5363

Gustiamo is getting fancy this year at the 2014 Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC! We will be at booth #5363. Let me repeat that. BOOTH #5363! Read our full description on Specialty Food’s site here. If getting to hang out with the beautiful, funny, and talented Team Gustiamo is not enough of an incentive for you to stop by our booth, you will also meet 4 of our ultimate favorite Italian food makers, all in town from Campania and Sicilia: Sergio from Pasta Faella, Paolo from DaniCoop, Lorenzo from Pianogrillo, and Dario from Casa Barone (who is particularly excited about the debut of his Yellow Tomatoes). Send us a tweet when you arrive at the show, @gustiamo #gustifancy! Also, check out our fabulous #FuoriFancy Open Warehouse Event


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