Gustiamo Christmas Party – It takes 5 to tango, sometimes 7

Christmas party at Gustiamo
Christmas party at Gustiamo

This photo is after far too much wine at Gustiamo’s Christmas Party, last Thursday. From left: Gerard, Anne, Martina, Antonio, Beatrice. David is the photographer. Phyllis was with us, too, at dinner; but she left right after dinner and missed half of the fun and all of the dances.

Dinner was DELICIOUS – even if I say so myself. Menu was: senatore cappelli with lobster sauce; red snapper and roasted potatoes; vanilla ice cream and balsamic vinegar (25 years) – a classic combination, Gerard says.

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  1. I look forward to see another party where you use MY Balsamic Vinegar! 😛
    buon natale e felice anno nuovo

  2. OK. next year with your balsamico tradizionale. Promise! It’s that this year we couldn’t use the only bottle of San Giacomo left in the warehouse.
    It would be great if you came, too, at our 2009 Christmas Party. You are invited!
    Carissimi auguri anche a te,
    from all of us.

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