Dry Porcini Mushrooms

Why should you always keep Porcini in your pantry? 

Porcini have a reputation for being the most rewarding mushrooms to cook with. You can add them to just about any savory dish. They always bring a full-flavored richness.

Think about adding Porcini to your Brussels sprouts, roasted chicken, pot roast, shepherd’s pie, baked salmon, creamy pasta dishes. EVERYTHING in red wine sauce.

Where do your Porcini Grow? 

Porcini are wild. They do not grow on farms. They are not mass produced.

Our Porcini Mushrooms come from the Borgotaro Valley,  near Parma.

This valley is covered in a dense forest of chestnut, beech, oak, and poplar trees and provides the perfect microclimate for nourishing amazing tasting Porcini!

Who harvests your mushrooms? 

Meet Adele, she’s a forager. She has been foraging Porcini Mushrooms in Borgotaro since she was a child. She is one of the many foragers who collect our Porcini Mushrooms.