Berta Chateau Restaurant in New Jersey

Peter (Pietro) Bernstein is the owner and chef at Berta Chateau in New Jersey and a customer of Gustiamo since 2006. We always talked on the phone and I appreciated Pietro’s desire to learn more about Italian artisanal products. We finally met in person when he came to the warehouse to pick up his order of pasta Latini and Terra Amore e Fantasia peeled tomatoes. We loved to meeting each other . Watch the video below (click on the arrow on the picture) and listen to Pietro describing his restaurant and his favorite dishes on the menu. His exhuberance is catching; in fact, I can’t wait to go (just checked for driving directions on google map and it would only take 45 minutes from the city) and taste his spaghetti all’amatriciana, the sauce with tomatoes and guanciale.  In the video, Pietro talks so enphatically about the guanciale made by Marc Buzzio, of Salumeria Biellese (I have heard of Marc and his great products many many times) that I can’t wait to meet Marc, too.

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  1. I want to know who Matthew and David are of – Cafe Minerva fame. I understand they are the brains and drive behind Ducale as well.
    Full names and Email Contact would be great.
    Thank You so much.
    Gary Vlasic
    801-631-2457 (c)

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    ciao Gary! Matthew is the owner and David is the chef at both Minerva and Ducale. they are so busy, they rarely reply to emails. call either restaurants and ask for them! grazie! 

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