GustiBasics: Cleaning Whole Salted Anchovies

CetaraGustiamo’s whole salted anchovies are caught seasonally in the fishing village of Cetara, on the Amalfi Coast.

The Nettuno family uses only the freshest and best, locally fished anchovies. Before putting the anchovies into glass jars, the Nettuno family cleans them, removes the
fish heads and packs them in sea salt.

When these plump anchovies get to you, there is a little preparation that needs to be done before they are ready to cook with/eat.Anchovies

1. Rinse each anchovy individually under the tap in a very light stream of water.

2. As you rinse each anchovy, gently pull it apart, down the middle, with your fingers. The anchovy will open easily and evenly, like a book.

3. Using your fingers remove and discard the fish bones.

4. Now the 1 whole anchovy has become 2 individual anchovy fillets.

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  1. So helpful! I didn’t realize you had to fillet them.

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