Liza Shaw of A16 in San Francisco @ Gustiamo in the Bronx

6a00e55029641d88340133f4b7796d970b-800wiLiza Shaw, a partner and the chef of A16 in San Francisco comes to NY and pays Gustiamo a visit. Here, Liza is with Stefano who is leading an olive oil tasting.  With so many great Italian olive oils it’s difficult to make up your mind. Tasting may be tricky, because after a while, they tend to taste the same [at least to me]. This is not the case with Liza, whose palate is exquisite and endurance to olive oil fatigue remarkable.

A16 restaurant opened in 2004 to rave reviews and takes its name from the old road that links Campania to Puglia. In fact, its food is inspired by the south of Italy. This is why Liza loves and cooks pasta Faella. Reading together the Faella’s catalog of shapes, are there any new shapes she would like us to bring in? Yes! Liza likes the Ditali and Tortiglioni. Thank you Liza, they will be in America soon.