Drinking Good Italian Coffee in Rome, not just Celebrities!

All roads lead to Rome…
To be specific, all roads lead to Sant’Eustachio, the Roman coffee bar serving 100% wood roasted Sant’Eustachio coffee. Yes, Mayor de Blasio and family were there the moment they set foot in Italy, earlier this month. But that’s not all. Raimondo keeps bragging about the celebrities that have come to drink his coffee. Look! Gustiamo’s Edoardo is there, among the stars! What did he do right before he headed back to NYC? He paid a visit to Raimondo at Sant’Eustachio! He spent a few, blissfully caffeinated hours talking about the benefits of wood roasted coffee beans. But no need to go to Rome yourself for this coffee! We will ship it to your door from the Bronx! How do you take your coffee? Here at Gustiamo we have 5 types of Sant’Eustachio coffee! Click here to read more about it in our newsletter; and to sign up for our newsletter type your email address into the white box at the top of this page and click submit (don’t forget to confirm your subscription!).

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