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Sicilian tuna bottarga is bold! It is a rare delicacy with a powerful umami flavor, and pairs well with robust, spicy southern Italian olive oils. Tuna bottarga has a stronger taste of fish than mullet bottarga. Grated bottarga can be used straight from the jar to make a classic spaghetti con bottarga with olive oil. Or use it to add rich, salty, umami flavor to any other pasta dish, bitter greens, mashed potatoes, risotto, scrambled eggs, pizza, artichokes, or fresh vegetables - wherever you’d like to liven things up with the fresh taste of the sea!
Our tuna bottarga from producer Testa Conserve in Sicilia is made from the roe (egg) pouch of the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna, Tonno Rosso. 
Bottarga was once known as the “poor man’s caviar,” but that hardly does justice to this Mediterranean delicacy, prized by food lovers from the ancient Egyptian, Phoenician and Roman empires, on up to the present. Based in Catania, fishmongers and bluefin tuna connoisseur Testa family continue to prepare tuna bottarga with artisanal methods generations old.
These Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna are fished by Testa Conserve with their fishing boat Atlante, exclusively in the waters around Sicily. The tuna eggs are skillfully extracted, washed, purified, salted, and cured into a dry hard slab. They are then sliced into pieces and packaged by hand, allowing you to enjoy the rich flavor of the Mediterranean all year long.
Welcome Testa Conserve to the Gusti Family! This partnership is long in the making, and we’re…